Safety switches to be mandatory in most businesses in nsw.
18/02/2011 New regulations mandating safety switches in most workplaces come into force from today.
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Servicing Industry for over 30 years General Services:
· Printing Machinery and Factory relocations
· Support for Prepress, Sheet Fed, Web Press Equipment
· Support for Collators, Sliters, Bookbinding Equipment, HS Envelope Machinery
· Support for Guillotines, Folders, Cutting and Creasing Machinery, UV and IR Dryer
Specialised Services:
· AC / DC Motor and Drives
· PLC and Microprocessor Controllers
· Control Cabinet Design and Manufacture
· Repairs to Electronic Cards and Controllers Other Industrial Services:
· IR scanning
· Test and Tag
· Risk Assessment of Safety Related Parts of Controls Systems
· Specialised in General Vacuum Pump, Blower Systems and Central Systems
Reference Sites:
· Camerons Envelopes, Rotary Offset Press, Visy Glammer Pak, P&I Pharmaceutical Printers, Confeta, Hanna Match, Allkotes, ACE Printing, McMillans, Combined Creative, Spot Press, Ryan's Express. Gem Plastics
· RE Electronics Is an Electrical and Electronic service company offering 24 Hour Service to your Business

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